Our Mission Statement

It has been said that it is the right of the public to govern and participate in government in an informed manner. It is the mission of MT 43 News, Inc. to protect the public’s right by gathering and distributing factual, unbiased news, reports, and stories that affect the daily lives of our county’s residents.

Our newspaper must consistently, courageously, and with transparency cover stories about public hearings, elections, and the actions of publicly elected officials. Our articles must be timely—without political or personal bias—and provide complete information about each subject such that the public can, indeed, participate in an informed manner.

We believe especially that a rural newspaper gives context to the values of a community and adds cohesiveness to its character. From the joy of each new birth to the honor and remembrance of friends and family lost, from the ethics and education found in our schools to the morals and faith of our churches, from the hum of home and business to the necessary machinery of government, a rural newspaper embraces, involves, agitates, and influences us all—from Canyon Ferry and East Helena to Wheatland and Three Forks and all points in between.

We are dedicated to be a public forum for the residents of Broadwater County and beyond, giving voice to the people while protecting the integrity of all. We devote ourselves to the news of our day, bold and unbiased, but above all, worthy of our neighbors’ trust.

MT43 News

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