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Last March an influential group of people gathered to discuss the growing need for consistent, representative, and unbiased news reporting in Broadwater County. The group included names and faces recognized throughout the county: Nancy Marks, Jeff Ross, Laura Cater-Woods, Laura Obert, Tina Homann, John Hahn, Rachael Elliott-Brug, Jeff Langlinais, Vic Sample, Linda Huth, and JB Howick to name a few.

On June 1st, this talented team incorporated a new newspaper with the goal of providing local and regional news meeting the highest standards. MT 43 News, Inc. is now a reality and anticipating distribution of its first printed edition on July 15th. We are already receiving story ideas, articles and columns, advertising and subscription requests, and above all, the heartfelt support of our neighbors and friends!

As we move toward our first edition, we will make periodic announcements on our Facebook channel. But we also invite you to visit our website at to learn more about this new endeavor! We’re also asking for public interest. Do you have a hot tip that needs investigation? Or a great story that needs to be told? How about a breathtaking photo of our beautiful state or a snapshot of the goofiest thing you've ever seen your pet do? We invite you to email your ideas and input to and visit our website to find our advertising rate sheet and subscription options.

MT43 News

401 Broadway, Suite A
Townsend, MT 59644
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